Summer Courses

Summer 2023 one credit hour online course offerings

AMFG 591 – Economic considerations for additive manufacturing (1 credit hour)

Instructor: Mr. Brian Rosenberger, Senior Technical Fellow, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

This course will provide students an opportunity to explore the economic considerations for advanced manufacturing processes, specifically additive manufacturing (AM).  So often, these processes are thought of as being quick, easy, and cheap.  While this can be true for prototypes and other non-critical parts, the reality is much different when working with engineered parts.  An examination of the underlying engineering details for AM processes reveals many elements of cost and time which must be accounted for when evaluating the affordability of AM for any application.  Students will learn about recurring and non-recurring costs, the reasons for post-processing steps such as machining, mechanical testing, and non-destructive inspection, and the impacts of these considerations on cost and manufacturing span-time.  Students should expect to come away from this course better equipped to assess the economic viability of AM for engineering applications.


AMFG 592 – Additive manufacturing build preparation (1 credit hour)

Instructor: Prof. Garrison Hommer, Mechanical Engineering

This course covers practical aspects of additive manufacturing build preparation, which include designing a part, part build orientation, and support structures. It distinguishes these concepts from those of traditional manufacturing methods and addresses how they influence final part outcome in regard to mechanical performance, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and post processing requirements. Similarities and differences in these concepts are covered as they apply to various additive manufacturing technologies. These concepts are integrated to ultimately provide students with the ability to holistically approach design for additive manufacturing.


AMFG 598 – Program management and project execution (1 Credit hour)

Instructor: Prof. Craig A. Brice, Mechanical Engineering

This course will take a high-level view of how to approach program management and project execution as a practicing engineer. The lessons in this course do not fit neatly into other courses typically taken by engineers at both the undergraduate and graduate level. As a one-credit class the goal is breadth not depth. We will explore management skills that most engineers will need in their career to sell ideas to stakeholders. Once sold, we will then look at techniques used to execute, track, and report on project results. Students will also learn about financial aspects of a project including budgeting, fundraising, and cost tracking. This course will give you some foundational tools that you can take into your engineering jobs and help you to effectively manage project-based work.